Fall feels

Posted on 30 August 2017

The cool breeze and falling leaves are the start of my favorite season; Fall.  The pumpkin spice obsession has already set in and the scents drifting through my home are strong reminders of the fast approaching season change!  Although I love crop tops, cut offs and weekend spent at the lake I am looking forward to sweaters and cool nights by the fire!  

As the cooler weather sneaks in we find ourselves standing in front of our closets searching for something to wear. Transition pieces are ideal for this unpredictable weather between season!  Here in Ohio, it is very likely to wake up to 60 degree weather, dress warm only to get to work and it warm up to 85 by noon. So, I have learned that layering with transition pieces is key! Pairing cute shorts with a tank top style bodysuit and toping it with a cute bomber jacket, casual blazer or denim jacket will make your day much easier and enjoyable once you start getting hot!  



Every girl needs a good denim jacket in her closet! I think it is an absolute staple piece, especially to transition between seasons!  While buying at market this August Jordan and I were extremely particular about what items we wanted to feature in our store front and online for Fall. Like I said above, it's our favorite season and we want to make sure it was well represented!  We scoured the market to find the perfect denim jacket, and let me tell you, it was not an easy search! (There are so many distractions, as you can see below!) We think we found the perfect oversized denim jacket in just the right wash! 

I will be posting more blogs over the next few weeks with more transition piece ideas and fall trends I am loving! 

Thanks for reading!



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