Talk After Graduation To Me

Posted on 27 May 2016

You finally made it! At long last, you are finally done! How good does that feel? We want to congratulate you for all your hard work!!! I am sure you will miss being a student! Anyway, before I get into something too dramatic, here are some things that are important to consider, most especially after graduation. Celebration After Graduation Who on earth doesn't want to celebrate? You are finally done with school so go celebrate! Treat yourself. Buy yourself something nice. Go on a vacation with your friends and your family! Savour  the moment! Cleaning After Graduation Do this before doing anything else. It's always a good idea to start with a clean slate. Clean your apartment, throw away or donate the things that you won't be needing anymore! This includes those beauty products that you haven't use and that's been sitting there on the shelves your whole college life! You can also try cleaning and refreshing your computer. Delete the files that you think you don't need anymore. If you think you might need them or someone might need them in the future, try uploading them on the internet, like in iCloud or Google Drive, just so you save space in your computer. Savings After Graduation Who doesn't need one? The most common mistake of fresh graduates are not having a savings account. Open one and get organized financially. Start saving money now. This is a decision you will never regret. Planning After Graduation We may have heard about the saying "live in the present", but it will not hurt to think about the future, especially now that you have just graduated. Go ahead and think about the career you are after. Your life is ahead of you and now is the time to think about the steps you're going to make in reaching your dreams! Prepare After Graduation Now that you have most things planned out (well, maybe not really, but you'll get there!), time to prepare! Prepare a budget if you are now ready to move out and start on your own. Prepare for your preferred careers, like attending seminars, or reading some how-to books for a refresher. Prepare for your job interview, maybe? Highlight your achievements and your qualities. Don't forget to impress the interviewer with your outfit because you need a good first impression! After Graduation With all these in mind, I think you are definitely ready to face the "real world"! Go jump into it, werk it, and make a difference! I am sooo excited for you! Keep in touch, okay? Follow us on social media!


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