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Posted on 17 June 2016

Who doesn't love the BEACH?! When I hear the word SUMMER, that's the first thing that comes to mind! I love taking a week off and just going there to enjoy the sun and the sand! I make sure that at least once a year, I visit the beach to unwind and just relax. We all need that, you know! Speaking of a beach and getaways, I wanna share with you what's inside my beach bag! I travel light most of the time, since I don't usually spend a whole weekTalk Beach Bag To Me on vacation (coz I gotta work, work, work, work, work! ), so I only have a few essentials I bring with me. The one thing that I can't leave home without is my SUNNIES! It literally saves your day, especially during those lazy days when you don't even want to put on makeup! I feel confident when I'm wearing them. Next thing inside my bag is my SUNBLOCK! You don't wanna stay too long under the sun without this, right? You probably know about this by now so there's no need for an explanation! Even if you want to get that super brown still need sunblock!!! Or you're going to develop wrinkles way sooner than you would ever want them, or even worse, skin cancer. So please BE SAFE! Just a tip, go for sunblocks with higher SPF. If you can find something that's higher than 30, that's better! Talk Beach Bag To MeAnother thing that I always wanna bring with me is my LIPSTICK. I still gotta stay fab, of course! Is it only me or you just feel really confident when you put on a lipstick? Sometimes, when I feel lazy or if I am not in the mood, I just bring a lip balm or a lip tint. Just make sure the lipstick that you are bringing will stay long for the whole day. Oh, and there IS lipstick out there that has SPF! Yes, your lip safety is important too. My lips have gotten burnt before, and it was not pretty! ______________ Here's everything I need for an awesome day at the beach. Told ya, I pack light. What about you? What's in your beach bag? Take a picture of it and share it on social media! Don't forget to tag us so we can see!!!


Also, check out this Reversible BEACH BAG from LAUREN JAMES! I'm pretty sure you'll like this! Beach Bag    



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