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Posted on 21 April 2016

[caption id="attachment_730" align="alignright" width="138"]Talk Festival Essentials To Me This Poncho is perfect when the night gets cold![/caption] Time to gather your best friends and spend an entire weekend dancing, sleeping outside, and sometimes acting in ways you may later regret! It's a different world when you are in festivals! We feel you! We want you to have the best festival experience so we are listing down the top festival essentials you definitely can't go without! Basic Essentials
  • Sunscreen, sunglasses, hat - It's okay to go out and have fun under the sun but girl, you still gotta protect your skin!
  • Hand sanitizer, wet wipes, tissue - Because you need these even if you are not in festivals, right?
  • Refillable water bottle - Dancing and being under the heat can easily get you dehydrated so, yes, water! We don't want you passing out from dehydration!
  • Trash bag - Just incase you need a place to sit on, or maybe rest a little bit. [caption id="attachment_728" align="alignright" width="116" class=" "]Talk Festival Essentials To Me Both comfortable and fashionable![/caption]
  • Mini fan - It's gonna be hot out there!
  • Phone charger - Better if it's a portable charger! We don't wanna spend the whole night trying to find our friends in a thick crowd of people, especially with your phone off.
  • Ear plugs - Just in case it gets too loud for you.
  • Selfie stick - Gotta flaunt your outfit and the stick will do the trick!
  • Snacks - Festival food can be super expensive so try to pack some energy bars, chips, nuts, crackers, and the like.
  • Sports drink - We know you've been meaning to dance all day so better bring a sports drink with you for that extra hydration.
Fashion Essentials
  • [caption id="attachment_731" align="alignright" width="117" class=" "]Talk Festival Essentials To Me Flash tattoos to complete the Festival vibe![/caption] Flash tattoos - They have become a staple in festival fashion and they are super easy to use!
  • Coat, sweater, poncho - The warmth of the day can be comforting but it can get cold at night, too, so better bring one!
  • Boots - People might be stepping all over you is we suggest you wear the closed-toed ones. Plus, they are pretty much comfortable than heels!
  • Cross-body bag - Because you want to embrace freedom and a bag like this will set your hands free! Now you can hold a beer on one hand and another on the other, maybe?
  • Flowing clothes - Your clothes should be flowing like the drinks on a festival! You are gonna sweat big time and wearing such clothes will provide more comfort. Bring out those crop tops and boho dresses!
Beauty Essentials
  • Deodorant - Because why not? [caption id="attachment_729" align="alignright" width="151"]Talk Festival Essentials To Me Festival-ready with this boho dress![/caption]
  • Dry shampoo - We don't want too much grease on our hair, do we? Ask the salon experts and their answer will still be dry shampoo.
  • Blotting wipes/paper - Same goes with the face - we don't want too much grease and oil!
Other Essentials You Might Need
  • Tents - If you don't plan on sleeping on your car.
  • Toilet paper - Yes!!!
  • Cooler - For your drinks!
  • Folding chairs - Dancing all day is tiring for sure!
There you go! These are the essentials that you need when going to a festival! What are your festival essentials you definitely couldn't leave the house without? Let us know on social media!


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