Talk Flannels To Me

Posted on 27 September 2015

I don’t know about you, but I love throwing on a flannel and calling it a day. Flannels are probably one of the most diverse pieces you can have in your closet. Thrown over a t-shirt, tank-top, or dress and paired with jeans or leggings, you cannot go wrong! If you’re one of those people who buys things in every color-watch out! This WILL be your new obsession! I have done some damage the past few weeks getting prepared for fall. I find myself reaching for flannels, left and right! 5f1ea812067bb1bcd77fd297514e90f8 There are countless ways to wear a flannel. One popular way has been tying them around your waist. If you like accentuating your waist, this is definitely your style. Also, if you run cold, it’s like bringing a jacket that you don’t have to carry. I love the look of wearing a crisp, white tee, black leggings, and some booties with a flannel tied at the waist. Cute, casual, and put together. My kinda style. aprilflannelfront-510x600 The “boyfriend” shirt and jean has become a complete fashion phenomenon. I guess there is something about putting on oversized clothes that we feel the most comfortable in. A bit ironic, huh? Buying flannels in a size up and wearing them as a cover-up has been EVERYWHERE.  The coolest thing about this trend is that you can wear a flannel over ANYTHING. Wearing an old high school t-shirt? Throw a flannel on. Wearing a basic tank? Throw a flannel on. Wearing a simple dress? Throw a flannel on. Catch my drift? Leaving the buttons buttoned or leaving the flannel completely open, or half open, either way, you’ll look so effortlessly put together! Literally anything goes with this beautifully crafted piece of fabric and I could very well have an addiction…Anyone else relate? No matter what mood you’re in, a flannel can always match. One of the best parts about having flannels in your wardrobe is that they come in so many patterns, cuts, and colors. You can play dress-up with one new flannel and come up with five outfits. Because who likes to repeat outfits, ladies? No one. Check out our flannels in our new arrivals and go ahead and treat yourself to one or two or maybe three. Bottom line, buy one and you’ll be hooked!

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