Talk Graduation Gift Guide To Me

Posted on 03 June 2016

Hooray! GRADUATION! You did it! This achievement is worthy of praise and celebration! Cap off this PROUD MOMENT with a perfect graduation gift! There are so many different types of graduation gifts that you can get your friends and family come this time. But, like any lady, who wouldn't want some cute shoes or a Lauren James planner?! Check out our graduation favs >>> 1   I'm sure that the whole academic year was pretty exhausting so take your friends to the beach! These beach must-haves with a note that says "Let's go!" can be a pretty cool way to invite them. These sunglasses that can be worn all year, and those colorful flipflops and scarves all look cute when worn together or separate! Everyone is going to need a clutch when it comes to college, that's a fact. As well as that LJ planner I was talking about a second ago! Those cute little things are a LIFE SAVERRRR! 4 Speaking of beach, this Lauren James swimsuit would be a super unique graduation gift, or a little splurge for yourself (Yeah...I like that one better!). Standout with a pop of pink! Looking for a different style or color? Shop other Lauren James swimsuits HERE! 2 This breezy shift dress awesome for all occasions! This combo is great for all those summer concerts you're getting ready for soon! Dress it up with wedges and an elegant necklace or dress it down with gladiators or sandals. 3 This scalloped skirt goes with pretty much anything, and looks good on anyone!   For more ideas on what you should get, feel free to visit our website or swing by our boutique! Click HERE for directions.   I am so excited for all graduates! I wish everyone good luck with your chapter in life!   Follow us on social media!


XOXO Taylor

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