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Posted on 09 November 2016

We all love wearing high heels! It doesn’t just makes us feel taller, but it exudes a sense of confidence and power. This is why high heels should also be a part of your closet.

These are just a few heels that can go with any outfit!


Talk Heels To Me

Two-strap heels have been a thing for a little while now. You know why? Because they add a little class to any outfit; whether you’re going to a wedding or wearing jeans to go out! They may not be the most comfortable, so make sure you choose the right pair for you (something that doesn’t have too much of an incline). Our Strappy Nude heels are probably PERFECT for you (; Come see them today in the shop!


Talk Heels To Me

If you’re a Pinterest lover or an avid shopper, you know that lace up heels are all the hype right now. Ours may be a little chilly for winter, but hey, if we keep having warm weekends in October like last weekend, there’s still time to come in to get these bad boys! 


Talk Heels To Me

These type of heels are for women who needs an extra inch lift. Kitten heels provide extreme comfort, perfect for your everyday errands. We love these strappy ones above because they are perfect to go out in. You’ll be stylish, a tad bit taller, and SUPER comfy!


Talk Heels To Me

Compared to stilettos, chunky heels offer more stability. I wasn’t a fan of heels before, until I tried giving these a chance! These can also go with almost everything in your closet. How cute are our Peep Toe Booties?!


Talk Heels To Me

Some of my favorite winter wedges are by Tom’s. Ultimately, wedges offer a sturdier base so you can walk around all day and all night. This is why high-fashion women often opt for wedges whenever they need something in between style, comfort and security.

A dress that looks good with any type of heels, you say? How about THIS ONE! (Oh, and by the way, our holiday dresses are starting to arrive so stay tuned! We’ll keep you posted!)

Talk Heels To Me

Every fashionista should be fash-informed! Because fashion is not just a statement, it also shows your identity and how you want others to see you. Share with me your favorite type of heels and why. Looking forward to your heel stories!



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